How this all started.

This idea was sparked quite a while ago but it took me some time to develop the best strategy to get the high quality result I envisioned.

As an avid outdoors-woman, I have pursued many activities requiring the use of maps to one extent or another. For example, I use GaiaGPS regularly to plan hikes, road trips and to evaluate terrain and land ownership for hunting. This, along with my propensity for tinkering with computer software and web design let me to pursue graduate courses in geospatial information science. Through this coursework I developed a greater appreciation for cartography and maps. I also competed twice in the Rebelle Rally as a navigator, which is an off-road navigation rally using only map and compass over 8 days. Additionally, I grew up obsessed with crafts and 3-d art. Beading, knitting, wood-work, origami and pottery all featured prominently throughout my childhood. I also consider myself a decent hobby photographer. I really enjoy wildlife and travel photography!

It was sometime shortly after competing in the 2018 Rebelle and spending time with other women in both offroading and hunting communities that this idea just came to me. It was one of those elusive lightbulb moments. However, I sat with this idea for about a year because I just wasn’t sure where to begin and how to achieve the result I wanted. I explored design software and medium options for a while and then shelved the idea when I got a new full-time job. Recently, however, my excitement and determination to bring this idea to life was re-kindled and I began experimenting with a new energy and fresh eyes.

With my newfound determination and clearer vision, I began dedicating several hours each evening after my regular full-time job to trying different medium to study and sketch out my design, researching and learning as I went and finally working on the real deal.

Very soon, I will release a product line featuring the design I am very proud of. I plan to gradually release my artwork customized to as many meaningful places as possible. And, as my vision for the aesthetic evolves I will continue to develop new styles of cartographic artwork and new mediums to express it.

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